Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's A Wonderful Life: Appalachian St.-Michigan game

Final 1:47 of the Appalachian St.-Michigan game. The 1-AA/FCS Appalachian St. Mountaineers pull off arguably the greatest upset in NCAA football history by going into "The Big House" and stunning the #5 ranked Michigan Wolverines. Brian Jones wrote:

"[Appalachian] State reminded us all that miracles really do happen in life. Maybe you're praying for one today. Cancer to go into remission? New job? Marriage to mend? Money for college? House to sell? A soulmate after years of trying? Watch and be inspired..." Read more here.

Michigan vs Appalachian State 2007

More highlights of one of the biggest upsets in the history of college football, Division AA Appalachian State takes down the #5 ranked Michigan Wolverines at Ann Arbor 34-32

Editor's Note: A note to all supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown: BELIEVE!

Let's Hear It For the Underdog!

Butch Wise wrote: College football is back, and what a great weekend of football! One of the reasons I love sports was exemplified in one of the biggest upsets ever-Appalachian State defeated powerhouse Michigan. Many "experts" picked Michigan to contend for the national championship this year. Michigan did what many schools do, open with a "cupcake" game, so they scheduled App. St. In a stunner, Division 1 AA, App. St. did the impossible-they won-they destroyed Michigan's hopes of a national championship in week one! (Anyone for cupcakes?) I absolutely love cheering for the underdogs which is probably why I own Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, and Miracle. When I read the Gospels I find that Jesus cheered for the underdogs as well. He noticed them when others ignored them. He brought value to their lives when others gave up on them. Often times he did the opposite of what everyone expected him to do-I love that about Jesus! As I read the Scriptures, God is totally into underdogs, and I think he sits back and laughs when their status is elevated after an unpredictable victory. I guess that is one of the reasons God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Let's hear it for all of the underdogs ...
Even the Washington Post - of all newspapers - climbed aboard to celebrate Appy State's victory: The Little Guy Wins One for The Ages By John Feinstein who wrote:

"But this was as mind-bending an upset as any of us will ever see in our lifetimes. Unless you were a Michigan player, coach or fan, it was just pure fun to see a little guy knock off a true giant.

Appalachian State didn't have a rock. Just a lot of huge hearts. That was enough to create a memory likely to last just about as long as the story about the little guy, the giant and the rock."



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