Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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In our ongoing efforts to support the Browns in their stand against tyranny and in order to help the Browns defend their property, their lives, and to begin the process of restoring our Republic, we are beginning a fundraiser. With all the untapped resources of their fellow countrymen and women who want to participate in the struggle to restore our Republic, it has been decided to accept donations so we can pool our resources.

No one can afford to contribute thousands of dollars, but if thousands of people each give a few dollars – we can do it – with no one really taking a financial hit. All donations go directly to the defense of the Brown’s home and to help pay their expenses, as they continue their brave and historic stand for our country.

The only spot to donate online is MakeTheStand.com -- Ed & Elaine's official website. Other sites should link to our donations page at www.makethestand.com/Donations. Our PayPal email address is ed@makethestand.com. We will post a mailing address that you can send personal checks, money orders, and cashiers checks to very soon. For now, you can use any major credit card or debit card. If you haven't registered with your email address at MakeTheStand.com, Ed & Elaine ask that you take 30 seconds to do so. This way we can email you and keep you up-to-date on anything that's going on. CLICK HERE to join the email list.

We must stand together to have any chance of prevailing for freedom. This is just the beginning of restoring our liberties and taking our country back.

Thank you for your continued support of Ed & Elaine's stand.

Danny Riley and Shaun Kranish -- friends and supporters of Ed & Elaine.


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