Thursday, August 23, 2007

Coupled convicted of crime that DOESN'T EXIST

A New Hampshire Couple was convicted by an illegal federal court in Concord NH, of not paying a direct tax on their labor. Ed and Elaine Brown walked out of the illegitimate court after not being allowed to introduce evidence in their defense. The Couple was cut off by the court every time they tried to bring the truth to their fellow Americans on the jury, just as Irwin Schiff was his denied due process in his 2005 trial. Irwin is now rotting in prison for a non-crime. The tyrant has now forced the Brown's hand to protect the truth, their property, and their liberty with their second amendment right. They are left no choice. If a person believes all trials are conducted in a fair and impartial manner in this country, they are sadly mistaken, and probably have never been through a court trial acting Pro Se.

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Blogger Scott Haley said...

To Danny:

I've seen lots of calls to "get organized", "come together", etc.; but I've not seen a method to do that.

So, I'll repeat my plea from elsewhere on this site---

Someone with technological expertise (that's certainly not me), and perhaps a few spare dollars, needs to set up a website that would allow us as a group to coordinate our efforts...and then advertise it far and wide.

Perhaps it could have the format of a participatory government, where all of us (the representatives) could discuss and vote on means of action to restore the Republic. Perhaps it could even be the NEW Republic of the United States---re-adopting the Declaration of Independence (updated and modified) and the Constitution.

The site could serve as a central meeting place for those who wish to restore Liberty to this great land of OURS...with a discussion forum, proposals for action, and coordination of the implementation of action. Yes, we do need to get organized, but we need a PLACE to do it. I think this is an idea worth considering.

I'll be happy to volunteer to write a ROUGH DRAFT of the new & updated Declaration of Independence. People can then change it by all of us voting on the changes. Once everything is set up, and we have a clear, concise vision to pursue, then we can propose courses of action and vote on them.

Being under a Government really is VOLUNTARY, and we really do have unalienable rights that have nothing whatsoever to do with ANY government.

I'm open to other suggestions, but you're absolutely right---we need to get organized on a massive scale. The only remaining question is, "How?".


p.s. Anyone can set up a free website at several places (e.g.,, but I don't know if the free ones would have enough bells & whistles. As I said (paraphrased), I'm a techno-idiot.

We'd best get to it because the Corporate Media already are softening up the public for a crackdown on the internet. I've seen stories on how the web is now the "new Afghanistan" for Al Quaida, and how prescription drugs are being purchased all over the web, etc. ad nauseum. A web crackdown is coming.

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