Monday, July 02, 2007

YouTube 101 Per Ron Paul.....


So for those of you who aren't really YouTube connoisseurs yet, this is the kind of stuff that goes on there. The first video is a clip from Dr. Paul's Des Moines rally on Saturday. The second one is a "video response" by "ProspectorSam" responding to that video. There are tons of people leaving video and coments all over the internet.

Set up: The first video was posted with the following request to others:

"If you wouldn't mind, please reply with video responses about how we can prepare for the philosophic fight of our lives. Recommended reading, debate techniques, how to conduct a dialog with the media."

The video:

And then the response:

The internet, and video sharing and the many social networking sites--not to mention blogs--have changed the rules of the game, and Ron Paul and his people have it figured out. Of course the message helps, but the sheer number of people who can be mobilized in some way through the use of the internet is something I'm not sure has even been adequately estimated yet. I suspect Ron Paul's campaign is going to surprise some people before it's all said and done--and when it get right down to it, anything short of quitting before the New Hampshire Primary will probably surprise some. Click here to visit RedStateEclectic for more.


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