Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why Ed & Elaine Are Taking A Stand

Scott C. Haley said...

Maybe this will convince people of the righteousness of this cause:

"Wesley Snipes appears to be a real-life action hero, and America seems to have an endless supply. According to another hero, former IRS agent Sherry Jackson [*interviewed in Aaron Russo's documentary film Freedom to Fascism] approximately 67 MILLION Americans don't file an income tax return. It seems that at least a third of the available taxpaying population has the guts to say no to these illegal government trolls.

The IRS now says:

120 million people are expected to file.
The IRS does not keep count of non-filers.
Relatively few ever face charges for not filing.
Source: IRS spokesman Robert Marvin.
120,000,000 expected to file, but...
067,000,000 don't file

Could it be that less than half [120 - 67 = 53 million], or perhaps one-third of working-age Americans actually file returns [120 + 67 = 187]? In either case, millions of the Americans don't. Why?

What do all these people know? Maybe these people have actually read their income tax rules. The rules are available to everyone at the Government Printing Office website. The government even provides a handy search engine for us to data mine the regulations for our 'excluded income' and 'eliminated income', and the 'income that is not considered tax exempt' [i.e. taxable income]"

VIEW THE VIDEOS, and see why Ed & Elaine are taking a stand.


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