Sunday, July 29, 2007

Red Alert: Ed and Elaine Brown

Reposted from ShowEdTheLaw:

30 to 40 rounds fired behind the house noise heard in the woods every one is at battle stations this in not a drill i repeat this in not a drill.



Plainfield Police: 603-643-2222

Sullivan County Sheriff: 603-863-4200

* WMUR News is not going to cover this story, because the Police are Stonewalling and will not confirm the reports of Gunfire. Call them up and demand that they cover this issue! 1-800-257-5151

* Federal Agents have been physically shaking the Trailer of one of Ed’s supporters in order to attempt to provocateur return fire from the Brown’s supporters to be used as a pretext to use force.

Ed & Elaine Brown
401 Center of Town Road
Plainfield, New Hampshire 03781
Get to the Browns house now!

If you are unable, use this list below, call them and dont stop calling!

Please flood the phones and do not stop till good things start to happen.

1: Sullivan County, NH (Plainfield is located here) Sheriff Michael Prozzo -- 603-863-4200

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Blogger TruePatriot said...

I JUST called the # listed for the police dept. & the dispatcher gave me the # for the Marshell's Office. When I called them, I spoke with a lady & told her I was concerned for the Browns' safety & she ASSURED me that "there's nothing going on up there & I didn't know how this rumour got started."

The # for the Marshell's Office is (603)225-1632. Call them & tell them we are watching them... by the 100's of thousands!!!

11:28 AM  

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