Saturday, July 28, 2007

American IRS failed to prove tax liability

American IRS failed to prove tax liability
by Alan Howard

One of the biggest scandals of America is the power that the IRS has over the freedom of its people. Through intimidation and extortion and using the police force as its thugs to take property from people, the IRS has taken a lot of money and caused a lot of pain.


What is really fascinating, but not surprising, is that if you search Google for this news you'll see hundreds of websites that talk about this story. In fact there's 959 sites that talk about "Tom Cryer" IRS. However, if you search Google News for the same thing, you'll find only 4 references to this story. And none of them from any mainstream news sources.

The truth is being suppressed by the media. Read more.


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Hi there. Nice to see someone take notice and spread the word. :-)

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