Sunday, June 24, 2007

Brown Supporter Arrested For Sending E-Mail: Wise up or Die!

By Troy Davis
We The People Radio Network

Those were the words at the end of an email that Joseph Haas of Concord, N.H. wrote at the end of an email to Terry Dudley a W. Lebanon city council member that got him arrested for threatening and menacing a 2nd degree misdemeanor. Joe was arrested tonight at 7:15pm est. at the combination police dept. and city offices of Plainfield, NH.

Joe knew that there was the possibility of being arrested but went to the town selectman meeting anyway to confront them at their meeting about the letter they sent to US Marshal Steve Monier. Click here for more.

Arrest Footage And Selectman Put On Notice


Blogger KOSMIC said...

We really need to be smarter than this. Sure Joe has free speech rights, but you know how the government can charge anyone with anything. Just watch law and order. They charge 10 people over the cource of an hour before they get even close to the truth. The system really is like that. So lets be smarter than the government and keep things civil and to the point. I have said before, this is very important and this is for real. We can't afford to screw around. We know we are right. But we have to convince alot of stupid people that what is going on is in their best interest to understand.. I hope Joe gets all this straightened out. Keep Fighting for the truth.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

It seems to me that it was an obvious take-off on the State motto, "Live free or die"; nevertheless, I don't disagree with Kosmic's comment.

The important issue in this whole thing is the fact that the Feds must comply with whatever laws NH has regarding Fed activities in the State.

1:31 AM  

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