Saturday, June 02, 2007

Can a dark horse like R. Paul beat the NWO show ponies in 08

The only thing worse than a Giuliani/Romney ticket would be a Clinton/Obama White House cluster fuck! I think I understand R. Paul's plan, or at least I hope he is thinking like I am! If he had declared independent or Libertarian, he would have received no exposure in the Repub debates. He had to be smart enough to know he could make those robot douchenozzles look stupid...which he did! He also knows that Giuliani is one of the NWO's candidates and that Clinton is the other...since they both have such unclean hands which guarantees their loyalty via the threat of a "leak" about their infinite sliminess. They both have bloody secrets to hide and that's all it takes to be inducted in to the Illuminati hall of shame. Click here for more.


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