Thursday, June 07, 2007

Authorities Converge On Ed and Elaine Brown's Home

State and federal authorities have converged on the home of a New Hampshire couple involved in a tax standoff.

People are being kept several miles away from the Center of Town Road in Plainfield, where Ed and Elaine Brown live. Neighbors, including some who have been evacuated, reported police SWAT teams, a helicopter and at least one armored vehicle converged on a field near the home Thursday morning.

Read article here.

Via Ed Brown Google News.


Anonymous Anonymous said... LIVE

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger vote4freedom said...

Pray for them people. Dear GOD protect them.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Bill McGonigle said...

The bit about being kept several miles away isn't really true. I drove down there about 1:30PM (Eastern) to see what was up. Stage Rd. isn't blocked from the east, only the west. I went a bit of the way up Center of Town Rd, where there are three State Troopers' cars. The troopers are wearing their short pistol grip shotguns today. I asked them what the real story is - they said residents on the road are allowed to pass to go to their homes. Media is apparently being corralled at the west end of Stage Rd. All others are not being permitted to proceed beyond their checkpoint. There was nothing happening at that point that could be heard from that vantage point. WMUR has its satellite truck up at the Stage Rd. media location.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Bill McGonigle said...

NHPR said neighbors were discussing the happenings on a blog - does anybody the URL?

2:26 PM  

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