Thursday, May 03, 2007

What ever Happened To The American Dream?

What ever Happened To The American Dream?

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Whatever happened to the American Dream?

Whatever happened to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?

Whatever happened to the Land of Prosperity, the Envy of Other Nations?

Whatever happened to swift and certain Justice?

Whatever happened to us, America?

Foreign Bankers, IMF, Federal Reserve, IRS, Unconstitutional Non-Article III Administrative Maritime Courts -- THAT'S WHAT!!

From the most powerful nation in the world, America has slid to the biggest debtor nation in the world. Its broken-spirited people now grovel in fear at the feet of their servant government which has incrementally sold them into slavery to foreign bankers/investors via the treasonous actions of their elected Legislators, who no longer look at every man, woman and child, as Sovereign People, Sons and Daughters of God, and their Master/Employer, but as lowly commercial commodities, Human Resources, slaves, to be used, abused, and cast aside when they are worn out and considered "Useless Eaters.".

This devolving transition from the powerful to the powerless has been accomplished through decades of runaway over-spending, unnecessary wars to kick up the National Debt, destruction of its manufacturing and labor base, the selling of our natural resources, and a never-ending daily, media stream of reinforced mind control, all by those elected leaders who have sold their souls, their votes, to the highest bidder. Click here for more.


Blogger KOSMIC said...

on Paul is moving ahead nicely. Go here and vote for him on the debate.

Ron Paul had a position I could handle and even support. His non-interference foreign policy, he'd respect and protect for public privacy, and his last and best comment about protecting habeas corpus was fundamentally the best! Goldwater republicans like him are certainly tolerable and have the nation's best interest at heart. We are all in this together. The others quiet frankly are quite scary suggesting a NEW war with Iran as if that wouldn't be far FAR worse than Iraq is now. Iran has no such internal divisions nor has it been suffering from a 15-year arms embargo. As paul pointed out, we survived an era with 40,000 Soviet nuclear weapons pointed at us and here we are threatening to go into ANOTHER preemptive war over a third-world nation that doesn't have any. Eco Author

10:07 PM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

here is what Ron Paul said in case you misses it.

Protecting your property by force is understood.

In his first week, Eliminate the IRS, End inflation, Fiat Money.

End the waste in military spending, Protect America by promoting Freedom, Liberty and security at home.

Sounds like it all fits very well with the purpose of this blog.

11:22 PM  

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