Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Russell Kanning Freed

Russell Kanning was arrested on March 6th for driving without a license. Since he refused to show up in court voluntarily, he had a warrant issued for his arrest. He was arrested again on April 10th when the Keene Police appeared to be waiting for him outside his neighborhood. He was being held until trial for his refusal to pay bail, be finger printed, or agree to show up in court. He spent 21 days in Cheshire County Jail in solitary confinement. After 21 days, he decided since he wasn't contesting the fact that he was driving and didn't have a license, he changed his plea in court from "whatever" to "guilty". The prosecutor, judge, jail all seemed in a hurry to get rid of him and he left court without paying any money. They considered time served in lieu of payment of fines.

Read more at Keene Free Press.


Blogger Tuva or bust said...

The guy caved under pressure and now is touting it as a win. "Whatever" indeed.

12:41 PM  

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