Friday, May 18, 2007

Petition to Ban Ron Paul Withdrawn!

Friday, May 18, 2007 -

Breaking ...

Has Saul Anuzis had enough? The Michigan GOP big had wanted to ban presidential candidate Ron Paul from further debates. But an Internet wildfire may have derailed his efforts.

FNMN feedbacker Tim writes: "I contacted the Michigan GOP early this morning & was told Saul Anuzis was backing down & would be officially withdrawing his petition. Can anyone confirm this? Grassroots apparently turned into a grassfire on the neocons & instead of protecting their home they ran to hide. If they keep losing battles in their War Against Ron Paul, we might gain the White House for him yet!"

The movement opposing a Ron Paul debate ban is extraordinary, and purely a function of the Internet. For every comment and signature on these petitions, there are probably thousands sympathetic to such sentiments ā€“ a formidable and growing force of liberal and conservative libertarians - many of whom probably have no idea that is what they are.

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Hat tip Daily Paul.


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