Friday, May 11, 2007

Newsletter From Pete Hendrickson

There’s always a first time for everything... Many ‘first time’ discoveries have come from exploring the globe or laboratory work. Some, like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, are made by merely thinking clearly… about how the noise of an approaching train differs from that of a receding train, simple observations revealing the structure of the Universe.

One guy from Detroit’s suburbs, Pete Hendrickson, recently discovered things about our tax laws, ‘hidden in plain view’ which have become a major challenge to the IRS. His discovery was not possible until 2002, when the entire Tax Code, some 3.4+ million words long, could at last be key-word searched. He published his results recently in a book titled “Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America”, available at

Pete found that words like “wages”, “employee”, “trade or business”-- even “income” itself-- have strict, technical definitions meaning that income taxes apply only to a small fraction of the population. Pete filed his subsequent tax returns on the basis of this deep research and promptly became the first person in US history to get all income tax AND social security tax payments refunded in full.

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