Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Connecticut Valley Spectator Article Picked Up By Associated Content

Browns say Bible, not man, will decide their fate

Browns Will Not Appeal Their Convictions on Tax Evasion Charges

The Connecticut Valley Spectator (New Hampshire) reports that Ed and Elaine Brown, tax protesters from Plainfield, N.H., have said that they do not plan to appeal their convictions on federal tax evasion charges.

The Browns, who had filed a notice of appeal, say, according to the Spectator, that they now have rejected "man's law" and will follow only what the Bible says. Ed Brown, quoted in the Spectator, said, "Only God knows the timeframe, and no matter how it ends, it will be good. It doesn't matter. If they do something to us, they'll make martyrs out of us."

The Browns, who haven't filed a federal tax return since 1995, are asking the government to show them a law that requires U.S. citizens to pay income taxes. "They have never done so, and the reason they have never done so is because no such law exists," said Elaine Brown.

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