Monday, May 14, 2007

More From Reno At The Ed Brown House

Mother's day

Happy Mother's day to all the mommies out there... ma's, mama's, moms, mums, mothers; I am sure you have other names out there that I have yet to hear.

Very busy day to day. Lots of old friends visiting...

We had so many groups of talking and cross talking that I was amazed that everyone was able to follow what was being said.

It never stops to amaze me what some people say when they come by. seems like we are always learning something new; some things recent or from a years and years ago. But always something new.

Some points being brought up and I find myself saying, "You know, i remember hearing about that... now i know what they mean!" or "Now I see how it ties in to this here..."

Make no mistake this not some place where you show up and all of a sudden you understand how deep the rabbit hole is. Some show up and think they are understanding the evil they fight and then WAMMA!

They want to argue the new truth that they are facing...

Once you understand you are asking the wrong questions you learn that you have much more to learn about the knowledge you thought you had. AND then; only from there will you learn what questions to start asking.

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