Sunday, May 06, 2007

More From Reno At The Ed Brown House

What a freaking day we had!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!

Supporters coming in far and wide.

Great talks with many view points and ideas shared.

When I started to get out and about, I met the new visitors that arrived early this morning. I heard them come in but Ed and the others had them busy with info right away. So I just rested a bit more.

Another day, gone so fast. Hard to believe how fast our days and night pass here. Lots of good stuff today. great talks all around.

Tell you what; I have never met so many other fellow ex navy until I came up here. I wonder why that is? Could it be that the Navy really does gather those that think for them selves? I know we joke about it all the time and I know that we really did not listen to every fucking stupid order given to us. I wonder...

Anyways... good to see you all are starting to give kudos out. Means a lot to me... silly i know.



Read more at from Reno at Ed Brown MySpace Blog.


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