Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Greg Pound Called Into Todays Show With Ed & Elaine

[Greg Pound] Greg and Melissa Pound have had their four children taken away by DCF for over two years because one child was bitten by a dog. Greg spent a month in the county jail for refusing to tell Judge Marion Fleming where his wife is living with their new baby (named Moses), as Judge Fleming and DCF want to take that child away too. Greg can only see one of his children for one hour a week, and they now have cavities and health problems. Greg's story was reported by the St Petersburg Times article: "Tampabay Missing mom may have feared losing son" - April 24th, 2006. Click here for more.


Blogger dskap said...

The DCF and judge Fleming will burn in hell forever. There really is a day of true justice coming everyone and it looks like it will be real soon. Better start reading your Bible if you have one. If you do not have one, you ought to get one. Time is short, eternity is not!

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