Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Right-to-Petition “V” Protest at White House Garners Notice

Washington Post Gets It Right

Last Friday, three busloads of defenders of the Right-to-Petition took time away from the GML 2007 conference to gather on Pennsylvania Avenue, between the White House and LaFayette Park, to await a response from the Government to our Petitions for Redress of constitutional grievances. As has been the case, there was no response from the Government. Our repeated Petitions continue to be met with repeated injuries.

The Petitions involve significant grievances resulting from the Government’s violations of the war powers, privacy, money and tax provisions of the Constitution, as well as the President’s failure to “faithfully execute” the immigration laws.

The First Amendment guarantees the Right of the People to hold the Government accountable to the Constitution. Any branch is petition able and any issue is petition able. The Government is obligated to respond to proper Petitions for Redress of constitutional torts.

Over the weekend, a number of mainstream news outlets and independent journalists published accounts and photos of our silent vigil, including the stalwart Washington Post. (450KB .pdf, Right-Click to download) We were pleased to see that the Post got the story correct.

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