Sunday, April 22, 2007

Reno Makes Another Post At The Ed Brown MySpace Blog

hey everyone, today was another good day. yet a (little) sad day too.

i got out and about this afternoon and met with some free staters, not sure is thats the right way to spell their thing, but they are cool. wonderful even, but yet there was a few disappointments here and there. i can deal with people in denial about the trade center event, but why for fucks sake would you choose to be willfully ignorant about it?

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Blogger Anonymous said...

And yet another uneducated blog author with a dirty mouth. Once again Ed seems to accept the losers and reject those who have worked harder at this than even he has.

The Only comments lately seem to be the raving nuts and wacko fruits in the crowd. Clearly this is not a good place for those looking for truth and justice.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to address the comment left by “Anonymous”. There was nothing wacko, or fruity about this blog post, nothing at all. And you’re going to sit up here on your high and mighty generic (Anonymous) soap box, and preach about dirty mouths. Grow up, don’t sit there typing and judging people behind the security of your own anonymity.

We live in a rated “R” world, in fact many of the most popular, movies just happen to be rated “R”. Many of us even have rated “R” lives and drop the occasional F-bomb, because we feel passionate about what we read and hear…

655,000 + Iraqi, people and many U.S. troops are dead because of 911 being a catalyst for this so called war on terror. Which if you really examine is a war on war. Because terror is war, and war is terror, the two terms are interchangeable, yet for some reason the general public just cannot compute.

In the same way the general public cannot compute that buildings no matter how long they burn or how many planes hit them they don’t collapse into their own footprint, and they don’t crumble into dust. It’s very simple, many people are denying what they saw that day because they cannot emotionally handle the truth, it does come down to willful ignorance. And people are dying for it! It’s fucking crazy! There take that F-Bomb with a cherry on top!

p.s. provocateuring under an anonymous handle is weak.

1:14 AM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

To Anonymous (1st post)

If You're looking for Truth and Justice, You can look anywhere and find it.

If You choose NOT to look here, I'm sure Ed won't mind, and it certainly won't hurt My feelings any!

If Your only concern here is The Language People use to express their feelings, and NOT the Truth itself... Then I would Personally stereotype You as a mere Bed Wetter, who Persistently cries over spilled Milk.

Grow up. The subject matter of this site is certainly for all ages, and should be taught to all ages... But let's face it... It is an Adult oriented Site, With Adult Subject Matter. There are plenty of places for Children to learn about the Constitution.

If You are using this Site to Educate VERY YOUNG Children, then I suggest You find a more suitable Youth Website.

Coming here and complaining about a single swear word in someone else's Post, is like Watching ALEX JONES all day, and persecuting Him for repeating the word BUSH several times.

BUSH... is more of a swear word than any other I know of.

And what is this? You think you're a Law Maker now or something? would "friggin" have been a better word for Reno to use?

Are You the one who decided years ago that Poo-Poo or Ca-Ca is okay, but shit is bad? Piss is wrong, but Pee-Pee or Tinkle is okay? They mean the same thing, so either ALL are bad... or ALL are just.

The Truth is still the Truth, regardless of the Language in which it is spoken or written.

Once You get through all the (F-OFF's, Screw You's, and Bite-Me's) of the Internal Revenue Code, You will no doubt see, that even through its Profanity, Foul Language and obscenity... The Truth is still very Clear.

This is the time to ACT on behalf of Your Children, Not Spare their Ears. So if You want to fight on behalf of Your Children, Then fight for a cause that will mean something to them one Day. Fight for their Rights and Liberties. This includes their right to freedom of speach.

Next Time You Post... Please do it under an actual NAME... The Words of an anonymous Bed Wetter have no weight Among the True Patriots that come here.

Hey Anonymous... I guess every Fruit's a little Nutty, and every Nut's a little Fruity huh? You're the (Waco) Pal. So quit playing with Your Nuts, and go suck on a Fruit. And while You're at it, Find a moment to Swallow the Truth. Then, if You can Digest it, I recommend You go find some Senator's Desk to Defecate on!

By the way... If all You care to do is come Here and insult People... Just do it! But don't come here and insult every Blogger on the site because of some profanity in the Post of a single individual. This is why Your Agent Motives are so clear to us.

You attack all for the words of One. So it appears to Me, that Your sole intent was to come here and insult us all to begin with. Go make an Educated decision, and choose a side. when You're done... Go Blog for your Home Team.

Now to Reno's Post:

The reason people are willfully ignorant, is because They would rather Swallow a big Lie, than Choke down an even bigger Truth.
Just like the Anon Bed Wetter here...

There are three categories of people in this Country.

1. People who support and defend the constitution of the U.S.

2. People who support WAR on the Constitution, American Citizens, and Foreign Nations in the Name of Terrorism...

3. And People who just don't know what's going on at all, because they refuse to educate themselves on the most important matters affecting their Lives and the Lives of their Children.

If you must include a 4th category... It could only include those People who are waking up to the facts, and making their own moral choice to join Category 1 or Category 2.

Because who would want to go back to being in Cat. 3?

2:28 AM  

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