Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Letter To Ed and Elaine Brown, Patriots Under Siege In New Hampshire

April 17, 2007

Dear Ed and Elaine,

We got your package of CD Roms today. Thank you very much. I was taken back at your return address. Should I send mail to you bearing that return address information, will it reach you? Does your local Post Office deliver mail to you as such?

Today, April 17th, was one of the best of your programs. A partial recording of it can be found at It sizzled with energized contributions and not mere dead, repetitive, legal, "talk about" formulas. That is what is necessary to light the fuse which will explode the myth of Satanic Power that is the foundation for our corrupt Government and Courts.

The young man, Sean, who is collaborating with you on the website was a pleasant surprise. Such awareness and penetrating intelligence is not usual at that age. Perhaps he will touch his peers and add to the momentum of the next generation of "GOD BLESSED AMERICANS WALKING AWAY FROM A SATANIC RULED CORPORATE GOVERNMENT."

Another quantum turn was made with this IDIOTIC GUN CONTROL ISSUE the Satanic leadership is trying to shove down the throats of the people, an issue which would reduce them to helpless victims at the hands of gun wielding criminals or Manchurian Candidates. I suspect we reached a great number of people, not only in America but world wide, on that one. The pressure must continue on the government going into the sentencing day of April 24th.

I have tried to pushed this issue of Sovereignty to the hilt. Today I threw the gauntlet down with the challenge to my crooked government in JOSEPHINE COUNTY, OREGON to either PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

They say I am a Convicted FELON. I say I AM NOT!!

I HAVE GUNS. If they perceive their phony trial conviction labeling me a FELON will stand up, why were my guns not taken when I was arrested? Why do I still have guns now? The answer is simple. The STATE OF OREGON and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE have NO JURISDICTION OVER THIS LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH-AND-BLOOD, SENTIENT NATURAL MAN without my consent -- they never had it , they will never have it.

I have given state and county every opportunity to settle this financial judgment they presently owe me: See: Now the time has arrived when the STATE OF OREGON and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE, with its armed enforcers, either back up their unconstitutional position with a WARRANT or a CHECKBOOK!! They say I am a Felon. I say the Crooked Judges and Prosecutor of JOSEPHINE COUNTY are treasonous Felons. I have guns in my possession to defend myself and my wife. I challenge them to do something about it. Let the world see the True Character of a fictional Servant Government which derives its authority from the Sovereign People when it turns upon its MASTER, the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE.

That, Ed, is my position. Their whole operation is FRAUDULENT; They know it. I know it. You know it. The public as yet doesn't know it. The Courts, as they are presently operating, are unlawful, unconstitutional, and thus have no force of law behind them. That is my position. That has always been my position.

My experience as a former police Sergeant has bestowed upon me a respect for responsible gun ownership. This Gun Control nonsense, is STRAIGHT OUT OF SATANIC HELL. Every man and woman has a right to self-defense. Take away their means of protection while the criminals are free to use banned weapons against them then ask yourself, does any law abiding individual stand a chance of survival between the criminals on the Streets and the criminals who run our courts? Ask 32 of your kids at Virginia Tech.

Who defended those 32 students shot down by a mind controlled "lone gunman". That "lone gunman" stuff is a knee jerk disinformation reaction on the part of the media designed to work only on gullible idiots. Sorry, that dog won't hunt any more. There is much too much repetitive terrorist action which follows a scripted scenario for it to be coincidental. Why are Americans such gullible damned fools? It is a sad commentary but the mass mind of the Satanically controlled people seems to have the insight of a gnat.

The ball is rolling with this Income Tax issue. The next step is for the public to actually see that the corporate policies which are now masquerading as law DO NOT APPLY TO THEM without their presumption of consent or contract.

The public must be made aware of the venue of EXPATRIATION to remove themselves and their consent to an unlawful, unconstitutional Corporate government bent on Tyrannizing them via their present 14th Amendment enslavement. The public must be made aware that THEY HOLD THE POWER over their lives, not government. They must be made aware of their True Estate as God's Children which allows them to stand once again in the full light of God's Law and take their rightful place as MASTERS OVER THEIR SERVANT GOVERNMENT.

The simplicity of it is beginning to emerge in your expressions, Ed. You've opened up quite a bit lately. That is what is necessary, Ed. You are gaining momentum. You can tell by the callers. Have you noticed there is a definite lack of mere intellectual argument on your show, the kind of which permeates all of the other Patriot talk shows on RBN? People are beginning to notice.

Ed and Elaine, hang in there kiddos.

Ray. and Anita

Note: Be sure to read Ray's "Formula For Freedom In America" at this link.


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