Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why I believe one should not hire an attorney

“Should I hire an attorney?” is a question that each one must answer for themselves. To make a quality decision, consider the following:

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Blogger MrTideman said...

There are two expressions: (1) he that handles his own case has a fool for a client, and (2) if you want anything done right you might as well do it yourself.

I remember what George Gordon from Boise, Idaho told us from his "The Citizens Bar Association" on a visit to here in N.H. back in the 1980s and that was in any criminal case he was asked if he understood the charges, with his answer of no, and the reason because of there being #amount of words in the English language and with the average person knowing only x% of them, his then using the analogy of then would you want to fly an airplane when the pilot only knew #__% of the instruments in the cockpit!?

And so the attorneys knowing Latin too, or two-heads are better than one for advice, as stand-by counsel I guess, but NEVER to allow them to represent you as a ward of the court, unless you detail this dumbing-down you've gotten from the gov't schools, that BTW in N.H. are only for health and the constitution per RSA Ch. 189:10 + 11 respectfully for the source of 1858 + 1923, see http://www.nhinsider.com/ and http://www.state.nh.us Yours truly, - -

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Blogger Anonymous said...

Tax court, Social services court, Federal court, The courts go on and on. When you are up against the state social services court you had better have a lawyer or the judge will walk all over you and let the county walk all over you. this is because it is business. You pay your attorney to go head to head and if you don't like him you fire him and get another, when you run out of money you are screwed, but until courts become user friendly and the government agencies have all the power families are at risk more without a qualified and dedicated lawyer.

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