Thursday, January 18, 2007

What are the Browns like?

The Browns have made a beautiful home in New Hampshire. They paid off all their mortgages. They studied the workings of the state and federal governments. They organized their neighbors into a society to repair and fortify their beloved country. They offer a courageous example and freely work for the benefit of everyone. They hurt no one and destroyed nothing.

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Anonymous Marsha McClelland said...

Am I blind?...What happened to the fox news report that was here before?...I sent this to over 500 patriot and political groups in a newsletter...I made reference to that news report and it's gone?...I sent it to media at their personal email addresses as well as all the regular addies......Newspapers, radio, television...and then there were the elected officials...Could someone tell me why it was removed, please>>>Marsha>>>

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to leave a comment, you don't have to even register...Just choose "other" in the identity catagory and hit publish

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ā€¢ It's readily apparent that it's 'now OR never, meaning that American citizens must COLLECTIVELY stand together against the insidious forces of the N.W.O. & its Million Dollar Baby... our government!

Ed Brown, of NH, is on what this country was built! A few celebrities & citizens en masse can force change & return our country to the sovereign republic, which it once was! The alternative to non action is horrific... total enslavement, by the people, for the people & of the people!

I emphatically commend the courage of Mr. Russo, Alex Jones & the likes' efforts to expose the tyranny. I can't help but to think how fantastically effective their cause would be bolstered by forming some sort of national(istic) movement & _____???

5:18 AM  

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