Friday, January 19, 2007

Tax Protester Holed Up and Ready for War

“Live Free or Die” is the rallying cry that has gained the support of several friends as they prepare to do battle with the tax man from a fortified concrete-walled home in Massachusetts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Live free or die is not a Taxachussettes flat lander statement. The author of this article is misinformed.

Im a first born NH son, and am offended by the mention of massachussettes in this article!!!

4:46 PM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

SENT: via email to:
TIME/DATE: 1/19/07 5:39 PM EST

Michael L. Prozzo, Jr.
Sullivan County Sheriff's Office
14 Main St.
P.O. Box 27
Newport, NH 03773
PH 603.863.4200
FAX 603.863.0012

Dear Sheriff Prozzo:

As you may or may not know (some sheriffs don't), the sheriff is the highest law-enforcement authority in a county. It is the duty of the sheriff to uphold the Constitution and protect the citizens of that county from any and all forces threatening them, including federal agencies which have no authority or jurisdiction within the county. Without the sheriff's permission, federal agencies cannot arrest a citizen anywhere within the county. Yes, they often do it but they do it illegally every time they do it. A few sheriffs around the country have put federal agencies on notice to stay out of their counties. One, whose name I don't recall at the moment, told them he would not conduct background checks for purchasers of firearms. Though he approached it for the wrong reasons (he didn't want to bear the expense), he did learn in the process that the feds don't have jurisdiction within the external boundaries of the 50 states. The Supreme Court has so ruled in quite a number of cases.

Ed and Elaine Brown are residents of your county. They deserve your protection. They have violated no law. They have become a POLITICAL target of the IRS because they have become too visible and threaten to expose the fact that there is no law requiring most Americans to pay an income tax on their domestic incomes. Government prosecutors must silence them, therefore, and federal judges are all too eager to help them get convictions, to the extent that they routinely deny defendants fair trials.

There simply is no such law, and no government prosecutor has ever been able to produce such a law when juries have specifically asked for it. That's why 15% of the federal tax trials end in acquittals, because some juries, dumb though most of them are, insist upon seeing the law that defendants are accused of violating. It is not unlawful to not file a return unless the law requires you to file one...and there is no law. If one doesn't actually owe a tax, then it is not unlawful to structure financial transactions so as to avoid a tax one doesn't owe in the first place. And if one doesn't owe a tax, then one can hardly defraud the government of a tax he didn't owe to begin with, now can he?

You probably don't believe that.

Humor me. Ask the federal prosecutor, the IRS, the U.S. Marshals, and the judge to show YOU the law. They cannot. When they cannot, then doesn't it become your duty to protect the Browns from unlawful arrest?

If you want to learn for yourself, work your way methodically through this computer search of the tax code. It contains the best explanation in existence of WHAT THE LAW REALLY SAYS:

Data Mining Tax Code - Computer-based Tax Research

I don't know you or your background, any more than you know mine. But I know that among the many reasons our ancestors fled Great Britain was to establish a government of laws and force that government to abide by them. Among the things the Constitution was intended to prohibit is debtors' prisons, and it does precisely words, at least. In practice, however, we have federal prisons which house thousands of innocent citizens who allegedly "owe the master," therefore they are, indeed, debtors' prisons despite being prohibited by the Constitution. They don't "owe the master," according to the law, but countless juries have been bamboozled into convicting many an innocent defendant wrongfully accused of a wide variety of so-called tax crimes which are not crimes at all according to the law....they are PERCEIVED crimes, but nothing more.

My background? I served 20 years in the Army, including three tours in Vietnam, achieved the highest enlisted rank, and like to think the freedom I helped defend abroad is being defended at home by those charged with that responsibility. You ARE one of those, Sheriff Prozzo, and I urge you to do your duty. Deny the feds access to the Browns. You can do that, it's within your authority and it is your sworn duty.


Fred Marshall
Columbus, Georgia
(706) 576-5904

5:42 PM  
Blogger Anthony Tomei said...

Here is my sincere and polite e mail request to Sheriff Prozzo to uphold his oath of office:

Dear Sheriff Prozzo,

I am a concerned American citizen e mailing you regarding
the current Ed Brown standoff. Please hear me out...

I live in Arizona and have been rea.ding and following this
story and it's developments very closely. Please understand
that regardless of what your opinion may be as to whether
or not a citizen is required to pay taxes or not you MUST
uphold your oath of office to defend the Constitution against
ALL enemies foreign and domestic.

In this case you have the constitutional legal authority to keep
federal agencies who have absolutley no juristiction or authority
in your county from entering and depriving a citizen of his rights.

Be they property or God given rights you have a duty to protect
the citizens of your county from ILLEGAL and Unconstitutional
acts perpetrated against them. In this case Mr. Brown has broken
NO law because there exists NO statute or existing law on the
books that requires any citizen of any state to pay federal income
taxes on their labor. Sheriff Prozzo, Not one governmental official,
nor IRS agent or expert can show anyone the law that requires a
citizen to pay income taxes on their labor.

Even the Supreme Court has ruled that the 16th Amendment has
given the Government NO new taxing powers. Therefore, in good
concience how can you allow a citizen of your county to be subjected
to a "percieved crime" when in fact legally he has broken NO law?

Watch this video:

If there is no such law, how can you be subjected criminal prosecution?

Humor yourself if in doubt and ask this widely avoided question to any
governmental official in power regarding this. Ask them to show you the
law the requires you as a citizen to comply with the federal income tax.

The answer you will receive will be the same answer that hundreds have
gotten. They will either refuse to answer the question or they will be unable
to direct you to any such law. That's because it doesn't exist. Period.

Where is the law? Where is the law? Federal statute? IRS Code?

Ask them Sheriff Prozzo. You will quickly learn there is no such law.

The IRS is the strong arm of The Federal Reserve which is a PRIVATE Corp.
A PRIVATE Bank not regulated by any oversight committee in Congress.

This is a 100% certifiable fact. The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor
governmental but a PRIVATE corporate entity who prints our m.oney. and that
is why our m.oney is called a "Federal Reserve Note."

Sheriff Prozzo, how can you allow a PRIVATE banking institution who mascarades
as a governmental institution to terrorize a citizen of your county and threaten them
with property confiscation and even criminal prosecution not having any legal basis
codified into law? Ask yourself that question before you allow any Federal agency
into your county. I humbly appeal to your common sense in all manner of respect.

Sheriff Prozzo, honor your oath.

Watch this video:


Peoria, Arizona
Anthony Tomei

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've been following this issue, and Mr. Browns case specifically, for several years. I am an interested party.

In the letter to Sheriff Prozzo, at the bottom of the first paragraph, it states "...he did learn in the process that the feds don't have jurisdiction within the external boundaries of the 50 states. The Supreme Court has so ruled in quite a number of cases."

I would like the referenced case cites so I could read them myself. I always feel better when I've seen it in black and white myself.

Would someone be kind enough provide those case cites?

Thank you,


2:27 PM  

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