Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Message from Bill Miller

JANUARY 25, 2007

To all supporters of Liberty and the boys at the front:

First and foremost: Peace and goodwill to the people of the world.

I am William Miller, US Constitution Ranger, and I have returned from sunny, warm South Florida, having dropped my emerging new prospects in my career in exercise (, to take over as chief of staff and second in command at the Little Alamo,and Operation Alamo, at the home of the Browns in Plainfield, New hampshire.

We are calling this Operation Alamo for two reasons:

First to exercise some basic gallows humor, in that, we realize that in the event of an unlawful move against Ed Brown by the federales, carrying out an un-Constitutional policy by the IRS, validated by a bogus Soviet Union style sham trial, we the People here would be no more than a speed bump as the situation now stands.

In such an event we have no chance, and we do not care.

Our first security concern is to evacuate all non-combatants, by way of our developing early warning system that includes indigenous partisans within the local communities, and then we will die to the last man, and it trifles us not in the least.

That is because of two things: We love our country and we are consecrated to the rights and liberties of all Mankind, not just those of Americans, and this includes the good people of Iraq who are victims of the unlawful policies of the United (Police) States Corporation of 1874. Also, we are committed to standing and falling alonside our brother, Edward Brown in this time of unlawful oppression directed
against him. That is the second reason we are calling this Operation Alamo.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Bill,

Your efforts to step up to the plate when our country needs you the most should be echoed.

Where is our National Guard?? In Iraq, they should be right there with yourself and Ed.

I will make an effort to appear at the location when I can.

I also want to thank the people who created this blog it keeps all of us informed on the very latest.

Thank you everyone,


9:18 PM  

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