Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why Did Margot Sanger Katz Spin-Slant This Story To The Dark Side?

Here's Ed's "Wish List" on his page:
Here's Margot Sangor Katz's story:

Here's the link to Margot Sangor Katz's story.

Now the question to ask is "why did Margot Sanger Katz spin-slant this story to the dark side?

As wrote, "Why would the Concord Monitor release such an obvious propaganda piece? Is it in retaliation for Elaine’s refusal to be interviewed by them yesterday? (Listen to Ed Brown Show From Yesterday) Elaine states on the show that she told the reporter that she would not do the interview because of the Monitor’s past misrepresentation of what the Brown’s have said, and it appears that they are once again misrepresenting what Ed is saying. Why else would they not include the URL of the website? Could it be that they do not want the reader to be able to also see the requests for tanks, bombers and stealth fighters?"

"It is obvious to this writer that the Concord Monitor is acting as an extension of the Federal Government propaganda machine. It is no wonder that the federal government has been getting away with subverting the Constitution the way it has. The founders protected the free press in order to help ensure the liberty of the people, not to cover up for the governments crimes. The Concord Monitor, like much of the subverted main stream media, is attempting to destroy, in the court of public opinion, anyone who stands up the the corrupt federal system."

It is time to make the Concord Monitor’s phones ring off the hook as well as the phones of all of their advertisers.


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